Our experienced fraud investigators and analysts evaluate each case individually, liaison with management and legal counsel and develop logical yet creative plans of action to bring current matters to resolution and set in motion proactive deterrence and detection programs to reduce the risk of future, similar incidents. Where relevant and requested, we also coordinate with law enforcement to ensure effective companion investigations and prosecutions.

Common issues include:

Corporate/Municipal Corruption – Industrial espionage, network espionage, theft of trade secrets, conflicts of interest, bribery, unauthorized or illegal gratuities and economic extortion.

Misappropriation of Assets -Theft of monies and of non-liquid assets through larceny, skimming, fraudulent disbursements and misuse.

Fraudulent Financial Statements – Intentional misrepresentations on profit and loss statements, expense reports, time cards and in asset valuations.

The investigative techniques we employ to address these issues include:

  • Liability-conscious witness and suspect interviews.
  • Extensive background investigations.
  • In-depth Open Source Intelligence (OSI) – including social media and broad Internet.
  • Undercover operations.
  • Forensic document examination.
  • Compliant forensic computer examination.
  • Forensic accounting.
  • Surveillance.
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures.