The use of covert electronic surveillance to commit industrial and corporate espionage has been a rapidly growing trend, with our discovering targets to include key executives and personnel as well as those in communication with them.  For our high profile clientele, the objectives of the intruders have included obtaining sensitive personal information to sell to media sources, to attempt extortion, to alter contract negotiations and in some cases, to compromise their personal safety.

Through the use of state of the art countermeasures equipment our knowledgeable “TSCM” experts have reduced the risk of such intrusions through locating covertly placed listening and monitoring devices and/or revealing evidence using such equipment in corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, residences and hotel rooms. In addition to having also discovered the use of these devices in vehicles and on both watercraft and aircraft, we have also revealed unlawfully placed GPS and similar tracking devices in these latter environments.

Based on the results of these investigations, we assist our clients in reducing the risk of future intrusions through ongoing assessments of their information and privacy protection resources and methods, providing recommendations to improve them, and coordinating the implementation of these updates.